Holistic Health 101: Strategies That Promote Wellness



People who want to lead personally and professionally rewarding lives should know that cultivating a lifestyle conducive to wellness is imperative. Without holistic health, individuals will typically struggle with a wide range of mental and physical issues that complicate their ability to work effectively, love freely, and maintain high levels of self-esteem. Luckily, there are a wide range of wellness strategies that an individual can deploy to get on track to attaining and maintaining holistic health. Here are four of them:

1. Ditch The Drugs.

One lifestyle factor that can detract from your mind and body’s ability to function optimally is ongoing drug use. Unfortunately, millions of people across the country and globe are currently using one or more illicit substances. The illicit substance could be anything from marijuana to cocaine to heroine. If you’re currently caught in the dark, deadly world of drug addiction, know that help is available. By finding the right adult drug rehab facility, you can attain a wide range of life-giving services. Some of them include cognitive-behavioral therapy, multidimensional family therapy, cognitive therapy, and nutritional counseling. If you’re currently asking yourself questions like “How to find addiction treamtn for older adults?,” be sure to stop by the Holistic Recovery Centers website. Here, you can attain more information regarding the addiction treatment recovery services offered by their team of professionals.

2. Get Active.

Another strategy you can implement to remain on the path to holistic health is getting active. Being physically active at least 4-5 times a week is imperative if you’re serious about achieving great health outcomes such as more energy, mental clarity, boosted immunity, low stress levels, and natural weight management. The majority of Americans currently lead sedentary lifestyles, and this means that you need to adopt a counter-cultural mindset if you’re serious about attaining the aforementioned benefits. One great way to make physical activity a central component of your lifestyle is by committing to walk outside for thirty minutes a day. You might also want to consider the value of attaining social support for exercise by joining a local gym. A third option is hiring a skilled personal trainer who has the knowledge, personality, and customized approach necessary to help you realize your distinct fitness goals.

3. Try The Baby Step Approach.

In many cases, people don’t get healthy because they think the process will be tedious, taxing, and/or time-consuming. If this is the mindset that is precluding you from getting healthy, it’s time to recognize that you don’t have to make drastic lifestyle overhauls to see results. In fact, you may actually see more, long-lasting benefits by slowly making changes and allowing them to become normal to you before moving on to the implementation of other health strategies. There are thousands of different baby steps you could take to remain on track to holistic health. An example would be having a green smoothie for breakfast every morning. Another example would be supplementing your cardio routine with a 25-minute yoga routine so that you can attain all of the wonderful health benefits that come from stretching.

4. Set SMART Goals.

One final strategy that you should consider using to make holistic health your new normal is setting SMART goals. Doing so is important because goal-setting empowers you to think critically and clearly about what you’re trying to accomplish and the unique set of actions you’ll need to implement so that you can realize the objective. Note that goals are SMART when they are:

• Specific
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Realistic
• Time-specific

An example of a good health-related SMART goal would be “I will lift weights three times a week for 30 minutes to lose four pounds per month.”


Once you realize that you want to get healthy so that you can become more productive and positive in all areas of life, it’s time to put a viable plan together. Four health strategies that you might want to consider integrating into your plan include ditching drugs, becoming physically active, trying the baby step approach, and setting SMART goals. By integrating some or all of these suggestions and strategies into your lifestyle, you’ll likely find that you begin to cultivate the lifestyle of wellness you’ve always wanted!

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