Discover How Much Your Heroin Addiction Can Cost You


Heroin is not a new drug on the market. It’s been around for centuries in one form or another. Unfortunately, heroin addiction has recently been on the rise. This increase is partly due to the more recent restrictions on prescription opiates and other opiate-type drugs. Heroin is often considered as a cheap alternative to prescription drugs but it much much more dangerous. Even the Centers for Disease Control is calling it an epidemic due to the number of deaths attributed to heroin overdose per year. Understanding what your heroin addiction can potentially cost you, may help you realize that you need a heroin detox and addiction treatment program.

One of the first costs of heroin addiction that people experience is job loss. You can lose your job due to excessive absences, excessive tardiness, and even some of the mistakes that you may make while on heroin at work. If you are using at work, you will be found out. Being on heroin while you are at work is almost always a cause for immediate dismissal. The mistakes that you make at work while you are on heroin cannot only cost someone undue distress, it can cost someone their life depending on what your job is.

Once you lose your job, you may resort to other things in order to support your addiction. These things may include illegal activities such as dealing heroin or prostitution in exchange for money or drugs. It could also result in you stealing money or possessions from family and friends.

Heroin will also take your health if not your life. Heroin overdose deaths are increasing every year. Unfortunately, an overdose is not only caused by taking too much heroin. Sometimes it is the heroin itself that causes the overdose. Different manufacturers and dealers combine different chemicals making some hits of heroin more dangerous than others. You can also overdose by mixing heroin with other chemicals such as alcohol or another central nervous system depressants. This decreases your respiration to the point where you simply stop breathing.

Even if you do not overdose on heroin, the long-term effects of heroin are sometimes not reversible and can kill you just as quickly as an overdose can. Many people do not consider the long-term health risks before they begin to use heroin. Some of the health risks you face are:

  • Respiratory disease
  • Cardiac or heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Digestive diseases and bowel death
  • Arterial or venous diseases

Each of these problems can kill you. Heroin is also associated with HIV infection. HIV is a deadly virus that can lay dormant in someone’s body for decades and is shared through sexual contact or fluid contact like using someone else’s needle.

All of these costs are preventable. Heroin detox and addiction treatment are highly effective for avoiding the costs associated with heroin addiction. You can find information about treatment and other methods of ending your addiction on You are not alone. Help is available if you need it.


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