5 Of The Best Remedies For Post-Workout Pain


They say that you’re getting a good workout when you can “feel the burn”. But what about the pain that shows up 12 hours after working out and just doesn’t seem to go away? You’re by no means forced to suffer through that pain and neither are you forced to use over-the-counter pain relievers. There are actually several home remedies you can use to reduce or eliminate the pain that comes from working out.

No single remedy is going to work for everyone. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best https://staminapro.com. If the first one doesn’t work for you, then move on to the next treatment.

  1. Pre-Workout Coffee

The best treatment is always a preventative one. You can greatly reduce after-exercise fatigue and soreness by drinking coffee. One study conducted by the University of Georgia revealed that consuming caffeine prior to a workout can reduce exercise pains by almost fifty percent.

The study stated that it would need to be a moderate amount of caffeine equal to about two cups of coffee. The average pain reduction in the volunteers was 48 percent. Combine pre-workout caffeine with an additional post-workout pain remedy and you may not notice any muscle soreness at all.

This wasn’t the first study to suggest caffeine as a source of exercise pain relief. A previous study conducted in 2003 stated that coffee could be used to greatly reduce thigh pain associated with cycling.

What’s really interesting is that caffeine alone causes a greater reduction in pain than most over-the-counter medications. Aspirin and Aleve both produce reductions in pain less than 30 percent while caffeine alone reduces pain by nearly 50 percent. Now you have one more reason to stop by the coffee shop before you head to the gym.

  1. Post-Workout Tart Cherry

If you’re drinking a cup of coffee before you work out, then you should definitely enjoy some tart cherries afterward. You can either eat a cup of them whole or you can make a juice from the cherries. Either way, their nutrient composition has proven to be highly effective at reducing pain after working out.

The tart cherry was placed under the fitness spotlight following a study conducted in 2010. The study involved several marathon runners. The runners consumed tart cherry juice for five days before running a marathon, the day of the marathon, and for two days following. The tart cherry was shown to greatly reduce pain and increase recovery thanks to its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The best results come from consuming the tart cherry directly after the workout. You don’t need to consume it every day like the candidates in the research study. A single cup of tart cherries shortly after exercising is all that you need.



  1. Embrace The Cold

You may have heard of soaking in hot water to reduce pain. That definitely works and will be covered later, but the hot water soak should be postponed for at least 24 hours after the workout. Until then, the cold will actually have a great impact on your pain levels.

There are reusable cold packs sold in most stores designed specifically for this purpose. But if you prefer the DIY route you can simply fill a ziplock bag with some crushed ice. You then take the ice pack and let it sit on the area you are experiencing soreness.

The use of cold to treat pain is often referred to as cryotherapy and it’s extremely effective. The ice pack will cause blood vessels in the area to constrict and reduce blood flow. A reduction in blood flow translates to a reduction of inflammation as well as swelling, both of which contribute to pain. Cold can also reduce nerve sensitivity in the area, thus decreasing pain levels.

You should only apply an ice pack for fifteen minutes at a time. You can use the pack again in one or two hours. The ice will not only reduce pain, but it can prevent further damage from developing in the area and improve the recovery process.

  1. Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is the use of heat to treat muscle soreness. The heat can be applied to the muscles in a number of different ways. There are electric heating pads, bags that you heat up in the microwave, the steam from towels, and even soaking in hot water. All of these are effective heat sources, though most professionals agree that moist heat, such as heat from steam or water, is the fastest acting.

Unlike cold therapy, which constricts blood flow, heat therapy actually improves circulation. The heat allows for more blood flow to the area while also soothing muscles in the area. Heat therapy is most effective at treating muscle soreness while cold therapy is most effective at joint pain and stiffness.

It also differs from cryotherapy in regard to the length of time you can use. Cold packs should be limited to 15 minutes at most, but heat therapy works better the longer it is applied. Minor pain can be reduced after only 20 minutes, but more severe pain can benefit from soaking in hot water for up to two hours.

  1. The Right Ingredients

There are a number of different herbs, spices, and other ingredients that have pain reducing qualities. You can often make tea or juice with the included ingredients to reduce pain shortly after working out. A few ingredients you should keep around the house are:

– Ginger

– Turmeric

– Apple cider vinegar

– Blueberries

– Molasses

Turmeric has become one of the world’s most popular superfoods. It contains a number of health benefits without any unwanted carbs or side effects. You can make a simple drink by combining a teaspoon of turmeric, a dash of black pepper, and a cup of water or milk. It’s not the most delicious drink in the world, but it can have a profound impact on pain levels. You can add any sort of fruit juice as well if you want to improve the taste.

Finding The Relief You Deserve

Each of these remedies for exercise pains has been shown to work with a number of individuals. They are all supported by several medical studies. Most of them can be combined to get the best results possible. For example, you can drink coffee before your workout, have tart cherry juice immediately afterward, and then apply an ice pack later in the day if any area is still sore.

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